Monday, July 5, 2010

"Chasing the Rain: Drawings by Elizabeth Patterson"

Okay, enough of this blog-neglect!  Suffice it to say that the month of June was a daunting one, unlike any in recent memory what with its numerous circumstances and stressors.  Simply the passing of it into July was a relief, and with it, a return to work in my drawing room.

I can think of no better way to break this drought than to share with you about the current solo exhibition of fellow pencil artist and good friend, Elizabeth Patterson.  "Chasing the Rain: Drawings by Elizabeth Patterson" enjoyed a well-attended reception on June 19th, and will be on display through August 28, 2010, at Louis Stern Fine Arts in West Hollywood, California.
                   Elizabeth Patterson, Wilshire Boulevard, 5PM

The show features approximately twenty-five of Elizabeth's recent drawings, in both color pencil and graphite.  Each depicts a moment in time as viewed through the windshield of a car, many on the rain-drenched streets and roads of the Los Angeles area.  Her work is distinctive and tremendously original, and causes one to take pause and look at the commonplace.  Elizabeth's execution of light, reflection, and shadow are phenomenal, as is her ability to generate a sense of movement in her drawings -- not to mention all those tiny, detailed raindrops -- each with their own sense of depth and dimension.

To see more of Elizabeth's work, visit her website at .  Elizabeth is represented by Louis Stern Fine Arts.