Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Small (and Wondrous) Encounters

Though I don't often take enough time to capture them with my camera, one of my favorite things about living in the country are the many encounters with the natural world, particularly in the spring and summer.  These little encounters, usually brief, are sometimes intriguing and wondrous, often beautiful, and occasionally poignant.  Below are several 'moments in time' that I recently captured, that caused me to take a pause in my busy day.

After flying into the front window with a rather alarming "thud", I found this little Pine Siskin lying stunned on the ground.  I held it until it 'came to' and was ready to be on it's way again.

This Promethea Moth spent two days attached to the screen of the back porch -- then disappeared as quickly as she had arrived.

Though this little guy (or gal) seemed quite content to sit in the barn cat's food dish and munch away, I didn't think that was the best place for him -- so I relocated him to a nearby hay field.

Possibly this Common Gray Tree Frog is the same one that sings to me every evening when I am watering gardens.  He has found a good spot: damp and cool atop a slightly leaky old faucet.

Thanks for stopping by.    : )

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Profile: Courtney Fisher

Over the years I've become increasingly aware that there seems to be an affinity for the arts in my family, particularly on my mother's side.  Whether referring to my grandfather's desire to be a cartoonist (a dream he did not realize in his lifetime as he became an electrician to support his family), my uncle's lovely paintings and pen-and-ink drawings, one cousin's encaustic paintings and the amazing singing voice of another, or my son's gift for guitar............yes, there definitely seems to be something in the gene pool.

This list would not be complete without mention of my niece, Courtney Fisher.  Residing in Michigan's upper peninsula, Courtney is the oldest of my brother's three children and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Finlandia University.  She produces engaging fantasy art, as well as designs and makes her own line of jewelry.

Particularly fond of making earrings, Courtney seeks to design jewelry through which the wearer can express who they are.  Her artwork is inspired by fairy tales, especially the original fairy tales of Grimm, as well as Irish folklore.  "I've always liked the other-worldly creatures; fairies, elves, angels, and the magic and mystery that comes with them".  Other inspirations include artists Amy Brown, Nene Thomas, and Jessica Galbreth, her late grandfather Louis Salani, and Brian and Wendy Froud.

Courtney's jewelry is available online at http://www.etsy.com/shop/KatsEnchantedDesigns .  Below are several more examples of her work.  Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.