Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Of Bigger Fish to Fry

Usually I tend to be an upbeat, rather perky sort-of-gal: it normally takes alot to get me down, and I bounce back quickly in most cases.  But in recent weeks there seems to be an abundance of irritability, lack-of-focus, indecisiveness, and yes...........dare I say it?  Sadness.  It seems to be subtly waiting around each corner of the house, and sitting on the edge of each new activity I perform.  And as I do on rare occasions, I am once again guilty of attempting to fill my days with much more activity than one woman can possibly handle -- in an effort to not feel what it is that is happening............The fact that my son has only two days left of high school.

All of this and more struck me (again) as I worked in my drawing room this evening, lettering calligraphy on the senior band and choir plaques for our area high school -- (incidentally, the most action my drawing room has seen in the past couple of weeks!)  Don't misunderstand me.  I know I should be happy; and I am happy.   I am proud of my son, and excited and scared for him simultaneouslyBut.......and now this is all about me here, folks............I must have my moment to say that I'm not ready for this yet.  How is it possible that nearly eighteen and one half years speeds by in the blink of an eye?  UMMMM, I'd like a rewind..........please.

Regardless of whether I am ready or not however, the next couple of weeks will pass with warp speed through awards night, commencement, numerous open houses, etc.  Since my last blog post, I naively have moved on to paint the rest of the house.  The planning for my next drawing, another equine piece, is completed -- and I'm anxious to begin as soon as the events at hand allow. Dora the fish sang, "just keep swimming, swimming, swimming".  I will enjoy the next two to three weeks with a smile on my face, a lump in my throat, and extra kleenex in my bag...........because as some of you know, I am a crier.  

Thanks for stopping in.