Sunday, July 24, 2011

Colored Pencil Society of America 19th International Exhibition..........from the back side.

The results of the cowboy boot search, from left to right;  Kendra Ferreira, Elizabeth Patterson (CA), myself, Debbi Friedman, and Dianna Soisson ..............and I can't help but wonder -- what does one's choice of cowboy boots say about one?   : )))

As is sometimes the case, it has taken me several days to recuperate from my recent trip to Dallas, Texas, for the CPSA 19th International Exhibition.  Too much fun tends to have that effect on me.  Each year the event features workshops, a silent auction, awards banquet, and opening reception, to name a few of its highlights.  In addition to the convention activities (and despite the excessive heat), several of us took the train into downtown Dallas and visited the John F. Kennedy museum: a fascinating slice of history set up in the book depository itself, the location that JFK was assassinated from.

The Charles W. Eisemann Center will host the exhibition until July 31, 2011. CJ Worlein of Oregon took home the CIPPY Best of Show for her piece, "The Sisters", and good friend Debbi Friedman of Massachusetts garnered an Award for Outstanding Achievement for her still life, "Counterpoint in Green".  All of this year's award winners can be seen at   The following photos are from convention week.

Myself with Dianna Soisson, and Kendra Ferreira

Debbi Friedman, moi', Gemma Gylling, and Dianna Soisson

 Debbi Friedman shows off her boot choice

top - "Sea Foam" by Kendra Ferreira
bottom - "Flowers on Tuesday" by Dean Rogers

Dianna Soisson of Michigan with her piece, "Beyond All Boundaries"

With Jeffrey Baisden and Elizabeth Patterson

Ester Roi.......who laughs like this a lot    : )

Now time to refocus, and get to work.  Thanks for stopping in.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dallas, The American Plains Artists Exhibition, and a little bit of drawing

Tomorrow I will be leaving for the Colored Pencil Society of America's International Exhibition and convention week near Dallas, Texas.  This event always proves to be five days of great fun and lots of laughter with good friends, as well as a tremendous source of inspiration.  A cowboy boot shopping expedition planned originally by several members, seems to have morphed into a virtual CPSA field trip -- so much so that we may do well to rent a bus. (And grant me a 'whine' for a moment:  I think I broke a toe yesterday, who's swelling could prohibit me from being able to properly try on boots this week.  This could be a catastrophe.)  So stay tuned for photos of wild, middle-aged women.  Okay, well............ maybe not so wild.     : ) 

My piece Dust and Thunder has been juried into the American Plains Artists 27th Annual Exhibit.  The show will be on display in Las Cruces, New Mexico, from September 9 - October 30, 2011, at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum.  The exhibit can also be viewed on the American Plains Artists website.

Finally, the entire grisaille is completed on my current work-in-progress -- (except for that pesky ear area near the right-hand margin that I decline to show in its entirety at present, and which I have redrawn three times is a little irritating when I find myself stuck on something in that way, but occasionally it seems simply the nature of the beast) -- and I have begun to put down the heavier layers upon which I will build the details later.  After I return from Dallas, I may set this piece aside for awhile in order to work on a couple of smaller equine pieces that need to be completed first.

So, see you on the other side of the convention -- and thanks so much for reading.