Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kudos!, and off to warmer weather.......

While perusing the wares in an area art supply outlet last week, I was excited to find the recently released Derwent tins and packaging that feature Deborah L. Friedman's drawing, "Graphite Stones".  The Boston, Massachusetts-area artist is a good friend and fellow CPSA member, and a number of months ago she was contracted by Derwent to do the drawing for their Graphic Soft tins.  Recently Deborah has been working on an extended series of still life drawings and paintings of stones in varying compositions.  To learn more about her and her work, visit Deborah's website and blog at  .  (And of course as I paid for the Graphic Soft pencils pictured above I smugly said to the cashier while pointing at the drawing, "This artist is a very good friend of mine".  I couldn't resist.)

"Graphite Stones", by Deborah L. Friedman

Not nearly so exciting but worthy of comment none the less, is the fact that this week I will be leaving for Florida.  Though I do not find Michigan winters to be too objectionable, I must admit that I look forward to temperatures in the upper 60s.  My primary purpose for going there is to attend a four-day artists' retreat, during which myself and numerous other artists will draw, draw, draw...........and draw.  (I'm also told that this group sometimes engages in less structured types of fun also!)  The retreat will be held at Dayspring, a camp and conference center in Ellenton just south of Tampa, and is organized each year by the Gainesville Chapter of the Colored Pencil Society of America.   Though reluctant to take a break from the horse drawing at this time, its size makes getting it from Michigan to Florida and back again...........well...........very inconvenient.  So I will be working on another graphite bird drawing whos size is more conducive to travel.

I hope to post an entry from Florida, so watch for photos from the retreat -- hopefully not too many of us will be wearing lampshades! 


  1. Hope you have a blast, lampshade or not.

  2. Have a great time...amazing graphite work by your friend and congrats to her for getting her work on the tin...exciting stuff :)

  3. Thanks for sharing Lynda. I will definetely have a look at her work. And enjoy your retreat in Florida! Looking forward to seeing your new works. The horses look fantastic btw!

  4. Well isn't that cool that Deborah has her art on that package!

    I know who you will be 'drawing' with (yeah right) in Florida! I've heard about these retreats! It sounds like soooo much fun! Can't wait to hear details about your trip. Have fun, but definitely stay away from the lampshades.

  5. Hi Lynda, I hope you're having a wonderful time in Florida. Can't wait to read your update about it on the blog. And thanks so much for posting a bit about the pencil tin - so nice of you to do so!