Monday, April 18, 2011

Work-in-Progress: Wyoming Wild Horse

The 'model' for my current work-in-progress is a wild horse that was photographed in Wyoming a number of years ago.  It will be a small colored pencil piece, just 8" x 12", and as usual I am working on Uart sanded pastel paper.

The image above shows my work to present, and currently looks much more like a graphite drawing than a work in colored pencil.  By building a grisaille using the range of Prismacolor french greys, I am developing  the general values and their placement.  As the subject is a grey horse and other colors in the drawing will be subtle, this technique should lend itself well to the piece.  It has been quite some time since I have laid in my base coat in this way , and I am enjoying it.  Next I will begin building the details and colors on top of the grisaille.

Oh, and to divert............the barn swallows are back.  There are only a few right now, but soon (as I'm sure I wrote at this time last year) there will be dozens of swooping, happy barn swallows in the barn and surrounding sky.  Their return always does my heart good, though it feels a little different this year than it usually does.  I suspect that this is due to the fact that this past winter has been a most difficult one, what with its losses.  There are simply those things that life brings, that change one  --  so the little things that have always brought me such joy with the return of each spring season are now measured against the backdrop of the past few months.  Its a process.    

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. Love the French greys, I make my students use them all the time. Intriguing start here, Lynda.

  2. A beautiful start, I'm so looking forward to it's progress. The swallows have arrived here too. Only one at the stables at the moment but there are quite a lot along the riverbank snapping up the midges. It takes time Lynda it'll come back maybe not this year or the next. Even now eight years on I have days when I feel crushed but I've found it's the little joys that lift me xx

  3. I love the effects Lynda (as always). Your detail always astounds me!
    It's funny how as we age we find solitude and uplift from the simple things in life that we used to take for granted like family, friends and nature. Life can be so miraculous if we just see and hear with our hearts.

  4. The series of french greys are wonderful, aren't they, Denny? I don't use them often enough.......Hoping your shows are going well!

    Elizabeth, it has gotten so dratted cold here recently (had snow yesterday! WHAT?), that I am feeling like I should go tuck the swallows in at night! The second half of your comment brought tears to my eyes........thank you.

    Thank you, Dianna. Do you know what a bright spot you are in my life? There: now you know. : )

  5. Pencil artists truly amaze me, what patience and fortitude one must have to create such beautiful detailed colored pencil work.

  6. Teresa.....not to be overly dramatic but, if I said it is never torturous, I'd be lying! hahahaha. Maybe we are all amazed by that which we don't do, because those who PAINT amaze me; I've tried it and found it to be very challenging, yet I can wallow in fine details all day. Go figure.