Sunday, July 24, 2011

Colored Pencil Society of America 19th International Exhibition..........from the back side.

The results of the cowboy boot search, from left to right;  Kendra Ferreira, Elizabeth Patterson (CA), myself, Debbi Friedman, and Dianna Soisson ..............and I can't help but wonder -- what does one's choice of cowboy boots say about one?   : )))

As is sometimes the case, it has taken me several days to recuperate from my recent trip to Dallas, Texas, for the CPSA 19th International Exhibition.  Too much fun tends to have that effect on me.  Each year the event features workshops, a silent auction, awards banquet, and opening reception, to name a few of its highlights.  In addition to the convention activities (and despite the excessive heat), several of us took the train into downtown Dallas and visited the John F. Kennedy museum: a fascinating slice of history set up in the book depository itself, the location that JFK was assassinated from.

The Charles W. Eisemann Center will host the exhibition until July 31, 2011. CJ Worlein of Oregon took home the CIPPY Best of Show for her piece, "The Sisters", and good friend Debbi Friedman of Massachusetts garnered an Award for Outstanding Achievement for her still life, "Counterpoint in Green".  All of this year's award winners can be seen at   The following photos are from convention week.

Myself with Dianna Soisson, and Kendra Ferreira

Debbi Friedman, moi', Gemma Gylling, and Dianna Soisson

 Debbi Friedman shows off her boot choice

top - "Sea Foam" by Kendra Ferreira
bottom - "Flowers on Tuesday" by Dean Rogers

Dianna Soisson of Michigan with her piece, "Beyond All Boundaries"

With Jeffrey Baisden and Elizabeth Patterson

Ester Roi.......who laughs like this a lot    : )

Now time to refocus, and get to work.  Thanks for stopping in.


  1. Wonderful photos glad you had a fun the new hair :)

  2. Looks like I missed out, should have gotten my act together and done some CP for the show. Is there a pair or two of Charlie One Horse boots in that pic? Been a few years since selling westernwear for me but a couple of those cutout designs look like they could be!

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth.....I think I must have been having a 'perky' day when I decided to get it cut. : )

    I'm not sure, Michael. If I remember correctly, at least three of them are Old Gringos (including mine), but I'm not sure what the other brand(s) is/are. Myself?.....not an officionado! Next year, Cinncinnati, Ohio.........start now!!!

  4. You're right, Lynda, I laugh like this a lot. Life is great and I have a lot to be thankful for. One regret, having missed the cowboy boots shopping spree.

  5. Well Ester, its a great laugh and a great photo of you. Oh yes, it was a hoot -- those poor young cowboys running the store (young enough to be some of our GRANDSONS, I'm sure) probably were a little overwhelmed by our descending on them. Hmmmmm......not sure WHAT special thing(s) we could shop for in Cinncinnati, but we will come up with something. : )))

  6. Great photos Lynda! Glad you are getting rested up. The boots look great but are they comfortable?

    Congratulations on earning your five year merit award!!!! I thought this year made five for you, where does the time go?

    Plotting for Cincinnati already? Hehehe...You go girl!

    Oh and the new haircut looks terrific, but then so did your former style. You do realize that you are one of the lucky ones, born with great hair? :-)

  7. Thanks, thanks, and thanks. lol. Have you ever owned a pair of cowboy boots before? As long as they fit right, once they are broke in they will be one of the most comfortable pair of shoes one has ever owned. And they will last forever, or close to it.

  8. welcome bck home. Sounds as though you had the time of your life. Cowboy boots and all. LOL. Now waiting for that next masterpiece. Boy did I get a GREAT gift in the mail.

  9. What a great write-up, Lynda. Love how you started it with the MOST important event - the Cowboy boot shopping!!! And don't I just look like a ranch hand waiting for my horse to come along? NOT!!! hahaha It was a great convention, and I think anything I try to convey on the subject will be redundant after all the wonderful posts by you, Kendra, Ester and Dianna. Here's to next year.

  10. Thanks, Gary; it was a hoot!.........and it was the least I could do. : )

    It was a great time, Debbi. If it hadn't been so blasted hot we COULD have gone horseback riding -- as it was, we'd have been found melted inside those fine boots! (I suspect we would have been hard-pressed to get E on a horse though -- those big, scary beasts!)

  11. Well you know I'm not a big fan of horseback riding myself. I'd watch from the sidelines with E, unless there was a cute cowboy on the trail! ;-)

  12. Nice photos Lynda! Its always fun to see everyone else's pictures. The cowboy boots were certainly a hit. Whatever will we do next year to top that??

  13. I don't know, Kendra.....I actually have been pondering that very thing!