Monday, June 15, 2009

To Blog, or not to Blog

Nearly one year ago I sat in downtown Seattle with artists Deborah Friedman and Dee Overly, and I was adamant: under no circumstances was I going to start a blog. And I had valid reasons for my resistance. For one thing, I didn't have the time (for goodness sake!) For another, what if I began a blog then found I had little of value to say?................Or, horror of horrors, no one reads it.

Over the months, I've come to realize that any reasons I may have generated were merely discomfort over tackling yet another unfamiliar bit of territory. So here I am, starting a blog. I plan to include posts regarding exhibitions, works-in-progress, art-related information and news, and an occasional anecdote.

So welcome, and stop back soon.


  1. Hot dog, Lynda, welcome to the blogging world! I know you are going to do just fine. It's going to be fun watching this develop. And remember, it's not something you have to do everyday, but it'll be easier than the method of updating your news page.

  2. Welcome Lynda! I look forward to reading your entries. Good work on finally crossing that "boundry" into the blog world.

  3. You girls are so nice - you are my blogging inspirations. Thanks for your ongoing support (cough.....cattle prods) Just kidding. : )