Sunday, July 5, 2009

Work-in-Progress: "Canadian Cowgirl" Nearly Completed

Originally I had hoped to have my current work-in-progress completed by last week. About Tuesday however, I began to realize that finishing it meant I would be rushing certain aspects of the piece -- something I chose not to do after conferring with a couple of other (very wise) artists. It was not worth risking the many hours I'd already put into the drawing, for the sake of a self-imposed deadline.

Through the time it takes and the process of each drawing, I seem to lose objectivity; the ability to see the piece clearly and evaluate problem areas honestly. I have become increasingly aware of this 'phenomenon' over the past couple of years, and occasionally will send an image via email to another artist and request that they "be my eyes". Though I sometimes will use the strategy of holding the drawing up to a mirror to survey the reverse image, which often will make problem areas of the artwork easier to see, this only seems to work just so-far for me.

Almost always upon completing a piece I immediately take it to be photographed, and then framed. Rarely do I simply put it away in a flat file drawer -- long enough for my objectivity regarding the drawing to return.

This time I am doing just that, at the suggestion of California artist Elizabeth Patterson -- even before the background color is laid in. I look forward to being able to see the drawing with more integrity when I pull it from that flat file drawer in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know what I learn.


  1. The drawing is looking great Lynda. I love the wooden railing she's sitting on. I think putting it away for a while is a good idea, and I will be very curious to see where your "fresh" eyes take the drawing.

  2. Thanks Debbi; but really, I hope my "fresh" eyes don't take the drawing TOO I want to be done! I know you know what I mean! : )

  3. Looking fantastic! The break is a wise move. Never thought I'd be telling you to slow down by if you are rushing just to get done.... Well, not a good plan. As always, the detail is wonderful.

  4. Thanks Dee: I really enjoyed executing the detail in this one.