Monday, August 2, 2010

The CPSA 18th International Exhibition..........from the back side.

Having just returned from the annual International Exhibition of the Colored Pencil Society of America near San Francisco, California, I am reminded of the fact that there are those experiences in life that simply provide one with tremendous joy -- and over the few years that I have attended this event, it has become just that for me.  I am so fortunate to be able to spend time with such talented friends and colleagues, and each year that I go the experience only gets better.  Over the course of the past couple of CPSA events I have attended (and to my own amusement), it has become increasingly clear that I have developed a reputation as the woman who's laughter can be heard clearly across a crowded room -- or possibly from one end of the hotel to the other, as the case may be!  Despite some degree of good-natured 'ribbing' for this characteristic of mine, I'm okay with this -- laughter is such good medicine for the soul.  (However, I'm seriously considering fooling everybody next year by perfecting the development of a polite titter.)

As always, my heartfelt appreciation for the national CPSA board members who work tirelessly to organize wonderful events such as this.  This year's CIPPY award (Best of Show) was garnered by Shinji Harada of Japan for his lovely still life, Grapes in a Basket.  Highlights of this year's convention week included the awards banquet, artists' reception at The Art Museum of Los Gatos, workshops by artists Allan Servoss, Ester Roi, and Melissa Miller Nece, and the National Meeting / Invitational Silent Auction.  At this year's auction I was fortunate to 'snag' an Elizabeth Patterson original, something I've tried to do over the past three convention auctions.  In addition there was time for a little shopping, alot of eating, and a road trip to see the redwood trees at Muir Woods just north of San Francisco.  All-in-all for this "little girl from Michigan" (yes Jeffrey, I'm still quoting that!) who had not been to California prior to now, it was a great time.

Finally, I must express my appreciation to fellow-blogger Denny Holland, a San Francisco-area artist.  Denny, his wife, and one of his daughters attended the CPSA artists' reception, and it was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet them and spend time talking with them.  (Thanks Denny!)

Following are several photos taken during convention week.  Enjoy, and as always -- thanks for reading.

A bop-fest at the National Meeting, commemorating CPSA's 20th year

Clearly, Jeffrey Baisden is saying something absolutely hi-larious (again!)

Myself and Massachusett's artist Deborah Friedman, at the Awards Banquet

Bonnie Auten (MI), and Mari K Moehl (FL)

At Muir Woods:  Dianna Soisson (MI), Elizabeth Patterson (CA), myself, and Teresa Mallen (Canada)

Apparently I am feeling somewhat objectionable about something, but Jeffrey Baisden and Elizabeth Patterson appear quite content!

Teresa Mallen, Elizabeth A. Patterson of Maine, and Deborah Friedman


  1. I really want to go one year, but its pretty far away :/ looks like a great time :)

  2. Wow ... just followed the link and there was some stunning artwork on exhibition. Thanks for sharing. Looks as though you had a real fun time.

  3. Hi Jennifer and Sue;
    The convention IS a wonderful experience, on so many levels -- educationally, for the networking and friendships, and most importantly just so FUN. If you get the opportunity sometime, definitely go to it.......not to mention, it would be great to meet the two of you!

  4. Lynda, you're so sweet- thank you. April, Emily, and I really enjoyed meeting you and seeing all that fantastic artwork at the exhibition. If you are ever in our area again please let us know (and bring your husband), I hear there are a couple of good restaurants in San Francisco.

  5. Denny, the three of YOU are sweet for coming out to the reception: it meant so much to me.....and tell April and Emily that they are absolute GEMS.

  6. Don't you dare change that marvelous laugh of's infectious! You are perfect the way you are...Hugs, C

  7. What great photos and write up, Lynda. And so quickly done! Your piece looked so incredible in life, and in the exhibition. Love that bigger work of yours!

  8. Cindy, don't tell anyone but........I'm just kidding! I know you will 'get' this: it took me a long time to quit worrying about censoring my, um......exuberance.......and somehow I just don't think a polite titter would suit me! : )

    Debbi, thankyou; and I have appreciated your support of the piece all along the way! (I think the current one is a little bigger......ACK!!!!!)

  9. I had checked out the show on the internet and looked to be a great show woth some fantastic art work. Thanks for posting the pixs. It is fun to see some of the participation.
    Thanks for the comment on my Columbines.

  10. Ah Lynda, yes it was a fabulous time indeed!!!!! Thanks for not showing blooper photos! :-)

    My goodness you fired off a very quick post! I have been scrambling to catch up with regular life.

    It was great to see you again and as Debbi said - it was wonderful to see your art in person! Getting to view the exhibition truly is a highlight of the convention.

    May you have a fabulous, productive August. I look forward to seeing wips of your current piece.(And I hope your doggie is okay - now that you are home to look after him.)

  11. Hi Gary, and thankyou. The show did have alot of great work, and it is always a priviledge to be included in exhibitions where that is the case........I have many columbines in my yard that grow willy-nilly, and I love them. Your depiction of them is sooo nice.

    Teresa, it was so good to see you and spend time with you: you are a joy of a gal to be around. I am still catching up also, and......I'm STILL tired! lolol. Hey - there WERE no blooper photos of you; but I have a great one of you and Elizabeth in which SHE appears to have quite the ornery attitude! I don't have all my pics loaded yet, but will email you several very soon.

    You have a great August also. Hopefully I will get a WIP posted next week, and I look forward to your next post. Your piece looked great in the show - wonderful use of color........AND good ole' Gus fared pretty well during my absence -- I guess I wasn't giving the boys at home enough credit!

  12. What a wonderful write-up Lynda! Yes, I would agree that everyone had a fantastic time. I was too busy having fun I forgot to take a lot of pics! Yours look great.
    I hope you're finding the time to draw! Can you hear the sound of the whip cracking from here?! Hahahaha

  13. Yes, Dianna; between you and someone who will remained anonymoous (incidentally, who told me yesterday, "your drawing table is sad" -- hahahaha), I am feeling the pressure!

  14. Sounds like you had a GREAT time Lynda! Your pices looks great btw, wish I could have seen it in person. Oh well.. next year!

  15. Pieces.. sheeze, did I ever mention I read and write fluent typo?

  16. Toni.....hahahaha.....I knew what you meant! Missed you at the convention.....and your auction pices was lovely! : )

  17. Thank you Lynda, that's nice of you to say. It looked like an awesome auction online and congrats to you for snagging your favorite! .. as for my little wren, at least it wasn't dead eh?

  18. Hey there, Lynda,
    So nice reading about the event through your eyes and thoughts. Glad to hear you had the time of your life. When our schedules allow, I'm looking forward to some catch up time. Love the pics!!
    Love, Dee

  19. Incidentally Toni, I wanted that little wren too! But I engaged in a bidding war with someone over Elizabeth's (a friend of Vera's whom I had the pleasure to meet after the auction) -- and at some point I realized I was already bid too high on hers to continue bidding on another. Ah well......maybe next year. : )

    Hey Dee -- I miss you! More than once while in San Francisco, I said "I wish Dee were here this year." I'm assuming you will be at your small works reception at Riverside; right? I think I will be able to make it up there, so hopefully will see you then.