Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Colored Pencil Society of America 17th International Exhibition

What an experience the past few days in Atlanta, Georgia have been! Though tired and feeling somewhat bedraggled since my return home late yesterday, the Colored Pencil Society of America's 17th International Exhibition was a tremendous experience. I so enjoyed the time spent with good, old friends, as well as developing friendships with artists I'd not met before. As usual, the quality of artwork in the exhibition was exceptional. Many thanks are due to the CPSA board members who keep the wheels of this large organization turning, in addition to planning the exhibitions, convention week, and other events. The exhibition will continue on display at the Jacqueline C. Hudgens Center for the Arts in Duluth, Georgia until August 29, 2009. Award winners can be viewed at http://www.cpsa.org .

In addition to the exhibition and convention itself, a highlight for me was the fact that several family members from the Atlanta area, as well as up to several hours away, attended the exhibition and opening reception. I am so fortunate to have such supportive family and friends: it means so much to me.

Photos from top to bottom are: 1) awards night banquet; 2) Neil and Jean Fletcher, my uncle and aunt from Tallahassee, Florida, and I with my piece, "This Above All"; 3) Deborah L. Friedman of Massachusetts, with "Garden, Late Summer"; 4) Dee Overly of Michigan with "Crossing the Elements"; 5) Bonnie Auten of Michigan, winner of an Award for Excellence for "Sweet Temptations"; 6) Elizabeth Patterson of California, winner of the Robert Guthrie Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement for "Sunset at Sweetzer, 11 pm".


  1. What a great post and photos, Lynda! You really got good pictures at the convention. Doesn't already seem like so long ago that we were all there?

  2. Thankyou Debbi, and you are right: it seems like much longer ago that we were in Atlanta. Hard to believe we just arrived home late Sunday!

  3. Well hi Lynda, great photos! You did a wonderful job getting folks to pose with their art. I should have followed you around with my camera. :-)

    I so enjoyed meeting you!!!

    It doesn't seem that long ago that I was in Atlanta - maybe it is because I still have some stuff in my suitcases that I am tripping over every time I am in the bedroom! LOL Oops, something for tomorrow's to-do list.

  4. Okay Teresa; I must admit.......the top of my dresser is piled high with things that have not been put away yet!

  5. Hi Lynda, thanks for the confession. So I am not the only procrastinator...whew...

    Okay, so we have written the nice convention posts. Do we now get out our goofy photos? hehe...We know we have some...Perhaps your readers should get nervous!! :-)

  6. Hahahahahaha.......I have at least one who probably is. If I need to blackmail her, a real possibility, I will forward you the photo for your blog!

  7. Whom would that be????? I hope it's not me - eek!

    BTW, Canadian Cowgirl looks very nice on the gallery page. I love that you have three full rows of work now. Every piece you add there just adds so much more feeling and shows your strong signature!

  8. Ha-Ha; I'll never tell Debbi!

    And thanks so much - that is a very nice thing to say. I'm starting to 'get it': I'm starting to realize what this may take, and what I must do.